Visit: #1 Columbus Tower Suite 610 Town Center Dr.Corner Main Street Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462

Visit: #1 Columbus Tower Suite 610 Town Center Dr.Corner Main Street Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462


How We Started? With Promotional Printed Products. That Works.

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Promotional Services & PromoAdd+Ons

Presentational A*Live® Videos

Video Logo, Interview, VideoExplainer, Product Branding, Event, Networking videos. Branded in your custom colors. Full HD 1080p MP4 or MOV. Video duration from 15 sec to 10 minutes. 2 revisions. Draft delivered in 24 hours after event.  

Promo Graphic® Logo Design

Produced and curated over 250 unique logos and designs to ensure you create a logo that captures your true brand for your business, community, events and for yourself.

Product Your Brand-to-Life®

We craft video messages which are essential for any brand.

Personal Branding CareerWise®

20 year career counselor veteran Dr. Tony Astro - will provide one-on-one coaching to ensure you not only market your company but your personal brand as well. Great for those in career transition.

Presentation WorkChop®

With over 250 training presentation curated and practiced by Dr. Tony Astro during his first 20 years as Career, Training and Educational Services staff and chief from the Department of the Navy. He conducted over 100s of Human Resources training, workshop & Public Speaking from topics on career, commerce & culture.

People Connect FusionMeet®

Started in 2015 with Asian Business Association that meets once a month to connect with like-minded people and explore diversity of culture such as ethnicity, age, socio-economic, religion. Typically those topics are taboo in most networking but it is proven that Cultural Intelligence in business setting works in really connecting people and building true professional relationship.

Events & Promotional Services on: Career, Commerce, Culture & Community

Community & Cultural Intelligence with FusionMeet®

FusionNetworking is FusionMeet® where we share ourselves and our business. FusionTalk where we listen to a 15-minute talk on Culture, Commerce & Career and later share & talk about it. FusionLunch is where we have lunch around the table and share some of the cultures we all learn as American and maybe back when we were growing up so others may learn from us. FusionMixer is when we have a nice and relaxing evening to watch and talk about beautiful culture. We can all become TRUE global leaders if we share our colors and learn the colors and culture of others. That is FusionMeet. FusionNetworking.

Career and Personal Branding with CareerWise® 

CareerWise® is the Personal Branding section of Mvoss Creation. With over 20 years of credentialed and certified career development expertise Dr. Tony Astro makes personal branding a priority in career development of each client as part of his career consulting. Call now and schedule for a $45.00 initial 30-minute consultation to help you bring your personal brand to life. Combining the 20 years of experience and expertise in career development, marketing and cultural knowledge and experience, we are bringing you the new & stronger Mvoss Creation. Now with FusionMeet and CareerWise by Tony Astro - Veteran: Advice on Business & Career.

Commercial & Company Branding with PromoAdd® 

Mvoss Creation started as a Promotional Product and Marketing company in 2007. After over a decade of dealing with branding and marketing that works, Mvoss Creation would like to provide this extra service as PromoAdd+Ons (included in your promotional product purchases or exclusive service) through workshop, one-on-one consulting & networking events that work in order to bring your company's brand to life. Mvoss Creation Promotional & Consulting has been in the business for 11 years and we've have not started yet. We continue to evolve to bring the best of YOU & your business, and BRAND YOU.

Affiliate, Partners, Internship in Marketing and Counseling

Apply for Internship in Marketing and Counseling

Software: Upgrade and Automate Your Brand 

These software will help bring your brand to the next level. Purchasing these software on this link entitles you to a free $150 worth of WorkChop membership and 10% off on your next Promotional Products from Mvoss Creation. Must be claim within 30 days upon purchase with proof or receipt. Make sure you purchase directly from this link to avail all benefits.